Iranian Cancer Association

ICA is a non-governmental scientific organization in oncology was founded in 2003 by elected experts in different fields of oncology. This is multidisciplinary association including: basic science (Pathology, Genetics, Molecular biology, …), Clinical oncology-hematology oncology-medical oncology, neuro oncology, palliative care, oncology pharmacy, gynecologic -oncology, nursing oncology, urology-oncology, ….

Nowadays, ICA is regarded as an authentic and reliable organization to provide postgraduate education to specialists (CMD & CPD), clinical trials and research grants, consultation to health care providers, public and patient education, prevention of cancer and sharing national cancer control program. Also ICA provides consultation on ethical and legal considerations of physicians, pharmacists and nursing practice.

ICA has good collaboration with cancer voluntary associations in diffusion of information between patients and family members. ICA directory board consists of multidisciplinary team of specialties.

Phone: (+98) 21 885 180 86
Fax: (+98) 21 885 180 87
Email: info@ica.org.ir
Address: Unit 3, No. 5, 3Rd Dead end, Miremad St, Motahhari St. Tehran. Iran